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March 1, 2010

What’s on Chad’s Shelves in the C.K. Dexter Haven Memorial Library.

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Hello? *tap*tap*tap* Is this thing on? Okay, welcome and thanks (1) to Jack for the invite, and thanks (2) to those of you tuning in. My tastes in yellowed pages and broken spines is, well, wide and varied and tends to move with the breeze. My modus operandi is to descend on a certain author like a plague of locusts and devour everything and then move on (– with some authors necessitating a faster move, while others I’ll stick around to see what’s next on the menu.)

Mostly, I tend to veer toward mysteries and whodunits, hard-boiled and forensics. And the squickier the better. I also dig old school sci-fi, horror and other weird tales. And I also enjoy film criticism, film bios and film history. I’ve also been addicted to comic books for over 35 years.

My favorite authors include: Joe R. Lansdale, James Lee Burke, Richard Matheson, Val McDermid, Lora Roberts, Karin Slaughter and Kathy Reichs. Then, there’s  Spillane, Hammet, Thompson, and Ross MacDonald. Oh, and Donald Hamilton, Stuart Kaminsky and Caleb Carr. And then there’s A.E. Van Vogt, John W. Campbell and John Wyndham. Also, Ed Brubaker, Kurt Busiek, Geof Johns and Gail Simone. And don’t forget the film critics, Tom Weaver, Roger Ebert, Danny Peary and Joe Bob Briggs.

Favorite Series and Characters: Burke’s Dave Robicheuax novels; Hammet’s Continental Op; Robert’s Liz Sullivan mysteries; Slaughter’s Hope County series; MacDonald’s Lew Archer, Kaminsky’s Toby Peters, and Hamilton’s Matt Helm. And anything Brubaker’s writing at the moment. Also devouring those Hardcase Crime File reprints.

Favorite books: If you thought that list of authors was long … Let’s just say there’s a lot of them that run the gambit from Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” to Joe Lansdale’s “The Drive-In” to Van Vogt’s “The Voyage of the Space Beagle” to Brubaker’s “Captain America”.

Guilty Pleasures: Adam Warren, Jack Ketchum and Graham Masterson’s Manitou series.

Tried and Died: Patricia Cornwell, Lisa Gardner and … that’s all I can think of at the moment.

Currently sticking my toes into the water of :Michael Connelly, John Sanford, and Peter Straub.

Beyond that, I’ll try anybody or anything at least once. As the old saying goes: There’s only two kinds of books in this world: Good ones, and bad ones. Beyond that, it’s all gravy.


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