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April 17, 2010

‘Caught’ by Harlan Coben

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Ahhh. So nice to come home to a can’t-miss.

Harlan Coben is awesome. I can spend weeks reading a book half as long as ‘Caught’, then turn this one out in a few days. His style is simply perfect. His formula for success combines mystery, realism, humor, suspense and excitement. And it comes off marvelously.

‘Caught’ starts with a social worker getting nabbed in a TV show similar (actually, exactly like) the “Dateline” show where they trap men who try to meet up with teenage girls they meet online. There’s also this bit of the story where a different teenage girl goes missing.

And a cast of characters so worthy of a best of show. A few of Coben’s usual suspects show up in many spots: Hester Crimestein, Win and all the staff at MB except MB and a few others here and there.

The book keeps you guessing all the way … and that’s saying something for me. I pride myself on this fantastic ability to figure books out. Only those that offer way too many unrealistic twists at the end stump me. This one has twists, but they are all believable. That’s what makes these Coben books so damn good. They are realistic.

And so much fun, too. This book certainly has it’s laughs, despite the heavy themes. One character, upon getting fired from his high-dollar job, decides his calling is to be a rapper. A really, really bad rapper. (I’ll assume the raps were intended to be horrible, though I don’t listen to rap music much these days, and can’t picture Coben doing so either.) Picture a 40-year-old Vanilla Ice imitating Dr. Dre. Horribly. But very funny.

This book is fantastic. Read it. I can’t believe we don’t hear more about Harlan Coben on a 1990s-John-Grisham level. He is simply the best writer out there right now.

Five stars out of five.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS BOOK IF: You enjoy reading — mysteries, books, whatever.

Link to Harlan Coben site.

Oh, and I really like Harlan Coben. If you didn’t already, check out this gushing review of his Myron Bolitar series.


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