What a book!

July 13, 2010

Historical fiction from the Plains (and a pornographic ghost)

The story was basic enough, but I’m not quite sure what the point of all the Custer porn was (yes, I said Custer porn). In fact, Simmons eventually acknowledges that the memories of the ghost inhabiting the main character, Paha Sapa, indeed has “pornographic memories” of the widow (can it really be porn if you’re married consenting adults?), but still doesn’t really explain why it’s even there.

The narrators are good, with careful pronunciation of the many Lakota words, although the quiet whisperiness of the main narrator’s voice can be a little sleep-inducing.

I studied 19th century U.S. history for most of my major, so that helped me keep with it because I love when authors weave their fictional stories into historical events, sometimes with real historical figures. Simmons did this much better in ‘The Terror,’ although that one got a little weird.

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