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January 19, 2010

The Dresden Files

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Harry Dresden is a private eye in Chicago. He’s also a wizard.

When I first heard about this book series, I was iffy on what my interest level would be. I’m really not much of a sci-fi/fantasy reader in the traditional sense. Don’t get me wrong, The Lord of the Rings books are among the books I must re-read every couple of years. But you really won’t find me haunting the sci-fi section at the bookstore much.

Until the Dresden books came along, that is.

Author, Jim Butcher, uses the gritty streets of Chicago as the backdrop for fantastic tales of wizardry and faeries, of demons and vampires and were-creatures galore. His style harkens back to a sort of noir style. Conjure up an image of a P.I. sitting in his dingy office in some forgotten office building in the bowels of the Big City. He works alone, has few friends and is somewhat ornery. That’s Harry Dresden.

The first book in the series has Harry on the case of a Wizard gone bad and who is wreaking havoc on Harry’s city. As each book in the series unfolds, you discover a larger arc in play. Each books lets you learn a little bit more about Harry and the people (magical and otherwise) around him. Each book also introduces another fantastical element and all of it is written in such a dry, humorous way that it’s almost possible to believe this stuff could be real 😉

There are currently eleven books in the series with the newest one due out this April. Check out Jim Butcher’s official website for more details.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like a good detective mystery and don’t mind a little magic thrown in.

I give this entire series  five out of five stars.

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