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January 22, 2010

Myron Bolitar series by Harlan Coben

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Trying to pick one of this series would be mighty difficult. So I’ll just do the whole thing.

Harlan Coben’s series stars Myron Bolitar, a sports agent who solves mysteries for his clients.

He’s a jock. He’s a ladies man. He’s a smart ass.

He’s cool.

He’s a lot of things I fancy myself as, so I love reading about him.

The books all have a sports theme of some sort. Here’s a quick rundown:

“Deal Breaker” (football)

“Drop Shot” (tennis, U.S. Open)

“Fade Away” (basketball, with the Celtics)

“Back Spin” (golf)

“One False Move” (basketball)

“The Final Detail” (baseball, with the Yankees)

“Darkest Fear” (no particular sport, more mystery)

“Promise Me” (again, less sports, more mystery)

“Long Lost” (international thriller!)

Through the course of these novels, Myron and his friends (one a former female wrestler and another an ass-kicking martial arts snob) go from sports mysteries with clients and problems with mobsters to parenthood, dealing with aging parents, struggling through relationships and — most of all — crazy situations.

One early annoyance is fake professional team names, but that gets rectified in the third book when he starts using real teams.

Coben has an amazing ability to mix suspense and thrilling mystery with a slice of humor that keeps Myron seeming real, despite his resume: Duke basketball star, Harvard law school, stint with the Celtics, sports agent and international superdetective.

And his favorite drink: Yoo-Hoo.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS SERIES IF: You’re a sports fan and like reading mysteries. Also, if you’re tired of mystery novels with the same tired cast of characters and detectives.

Series gets five stars out of five.

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