What a book!

March 11, 2010

“Shutter Island” by Dennis Lehane

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What a fantastic mystery.  Very difficult to put it down.  Two men take a ferry to the infamous Shutter Island.  They find a missing patient,  insanity, secret codes, nightmares, doctors, a hurricane and a mystery patient-#67 that isn’t on the island…or is (s)he?.   Astute readers who enjoy solving mysteries may pick up on the clues as they start in the beginning and are peppered throughout this fast paced, exciting, novel.  A definite read.  I can’t wait to see the movie.  I did not figure it out until the end, but that is normal for me.  5 out of 5 stars.  I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a mystery!

March 9, 2010

“Coronado” by Dennis Lehane

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A collection of short storied by Dennis Lehane.  These short stories give you a great look into this author’s mind.  LOVED IT>

“Sacred” by Dennis Lehane

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A neighbor recommended I read Shutter Island.  Blog folks recommended The Time Traveler’s Wife.  Neither were available at the library so I went with another Dennis Lehane novel and absolutely LOVED it!  Great author, can’t wait to read Shutter Island

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